Japanese Irises
Japanese irises are a beautiful group of beardless irises which are the latest to bloom, about a month after the tall bearded and Siberian irises. With the largest flowers of all irises, some reaching 12" in diameter with lovely forms, colors, and patterns, they require an acid soil and may require extra water or mulch. Here is a key to our abbreviations.
AKEBONO(SJI reg. 94) 6F 36" EM
Pink, darker at edge $8.00
ANGELIC CHOIR(Harris '06) 6F 42" M
White self, multiple styles [withdrawn]
ANYTUS(Innerst 81) 6F 38" M
Ruffled white, gold signal$8.00
ARTESIAN SPRING(Harris 10) 3F 40" ML
Dark purple, white style arms $14.00
BELLENDER BLUE(Bauer/Coble 93) 3F HM96 AM98 PM00 50" EM
Tall, dark blue-violet, vigorous, 2-3 branches $10.00
BLUE SPRITZ(Delmez 96) 6F HM00 AM03 PM05 35" M
Light ground with blue-violet veins, purple styles$8.00
White, edged and flecked violet $8.00
(Rich 86) 6F HM88 36" M
Ruffled pale lavender-violet, veined darker violet $6.00
DANCING WAVES(Payne 64) 6F HM66 PA68 42" ML
Mulberry purple, narrow white edge $8.00
White, wide blue edgeWithdrawn for increase
DIOMEDES(Innerst 92) 6F HM95 AM98 40" M
Lavender blue with darker edge $8.00
DON AND DONNA(Bauer/Coble 08) 6F 36" M
Dark blue styles on lighter blue falls $12.00
EPIMETHIUS(Innerst 92) 6F HM96 AM00 PM0436" ML
Wine purple splashed and speckled white. $8.00
FLASHING KOI(Marx 78) 6F HM82 36" M
White, feathered crimson red in the center $8.00
FLYING TIGER(Payne 50) 6F 45" M
Tall, flat pale violet veined darker violet$8.00
FRACTAL BLUE(Reid 95) 6F HM00 40" ML
Dark blue-violet with white and lavender sanding$10.00
FROSTED INTRIGUE(Bauer/Coble 97) 6F HM00 36" M
Dark blue-violet, frosty rim$10.00
GALATEA MARX(Marx 61) 6F 36" M
Ruffled, flax blue with white veining, white styles $8.00
GAY GALLANT(Marx 62) 6F HM65 48" M
Tailored white with dark blue veins[withdrawn]
GEISHA GOWN(Maddocks 65) 6F HM66 36" EM
Ruffled clear white with deep rose-violet veins $8.00
GEISHA OBI(Rich 89) 6F HM91 AM95 PM9938" M
Fuchsia red veined white, solid border$8.00
GLITTERING RAYS(Innerst 98) 6F 36" M
Ruffled deep purple with blue rays $10.00
GOTENBINA(Shimizu 04) 9F 28" M
White center blending to deep pink at edge. withdrawn
for increase
HEKIUN(Ichie 89) 3F 30" M
Blue with white rays$10.00
IAPETUS(Innerst 88) 6F HM90 AM94 PM97 34" M
Ruffled light ground, sanded and veined red-violet Withdrawn for increase
IPSUS(Innerst 81) 6F HM83 PA8632" M
Ruffled navy blue self $8.00
JACIVA(Harris 92) 6F HM95 42" ML
Vigorous ruffled sanded blue lavender $10.00
JOCASTA(Innerst 88) 6F HM90 AM9436" ML
Light ground, blue halo and veining, red-violet edge$8.00
JOHN'S FANCY(Copeland 08) 3F 34" M
White with striking blue lineswithdrawn
for increase
JOY PETERS(Ackerman '90) 3F HM90 AM92 32" M
Lavender pink$8.00
LAKE EFFECT(Bauer/Coble '04) 6F PM11 36" M
True blue with lighter blue edgesWithdrawn for increase
LIGHT AT DAWN(Marx '57) 6F32" VL
White, narrow border of blue[withdrawn]
MIST FALLS(Marx '67) 6F 48" M-L
Ruffled lavender blue, white wire rim$8.00
Ruffled white, lightly sanded mauve$8.00
(Marx 83) 6F HM88 44" ML
Periwinkle blue with dark blue veining $7.00
PLEASANT SANDMAN(Harris '98) 6F 46" M
Lightly sanded violet blue$8.00
RASPBERRY CANDY(Bauer/Coble 99) 6F HM02 AM04 34" EM
White with raspberry halo and veins Withdrawn for increase
REISYUN(Shimizu '96) 3F HM03 33" EM
Clear pink, veined darker pink$10.00
ROLLING SEAS(Aitken 94) 6F 38" M
Medium blue self [withdrawn]
RUFFLED WHITE WATER(Copeland '09) 6F 36" M
Ruffled whiteWithdrawn for increase
SEA OF AMETHYST(Rich 71) 6F PA66 38" M
White ground heavily brushed and sanded with light amethyst $8.00
SECOND WAVE(Aitken 05) 6F44" ML-VL
Deep blue self. Repeat blooms $8.00
(Payne 64) 6F 36" ML
Large blue-violet, violet halo & veins $6.00
SUMMER STORM(Marx 55) 6F 42" VLr
Dark purple ruffled self with extra styles and petaloids Withdrawn for increase
SUNRISE RIDGE(Harris '07) 6F 40" M
Bright red-violet with white rays $10.00
UPSON DOWNS(Copeland '08) 3F 36" M
Red-violet standards on white falls$10.00
WAVE ACTION(Bauer/Coble '09) 6F 36" M
Near white, brushed and veined light blue$15.00
WHITE CAPS(Copeland '08) 6F 36" M
Blue falls with white rays and white center$10.00
WINGED SPRITE(Payne '69) 6F 42" EM
Light blue-violet, white halo and veins$8.00
YUZEN(Ichie '97) 6F 30" ML
White with deep red-violet rim and sparse dotting$10.00