Siberian Irises

Siberian irises are wonderful landscape specimens. Their elegant and graceful flowers are borne above a clump of grasslike blue-green foliage which is attractive during the whole growing season. Here is a key to our abbreviations.

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AHRTALWEIN(Tamberg, 2002)35" M
Wine red with white signal$8.00
ALI'I(Smith, 2005)32" M wiki
Blended dark reddish violet$8.00
AMETHYST ECHO(Warner, 2004)34" Er
Tet. Amethyst purple with broken white signal$8.00
AMETHYST FROST(Cole, 2021)30" EM wiki
Tet., large pale lavender, white standards and style arms$15.00
ANN DASCH(Varner, yr)MA8338" ML wiki
Mottled light blue-purple with solid deeper edges$6.00
ART IN BLOOM(Schafer/Sacks, 2016)29" M wiki
Blue standards, falls yellow overlaid blue-violet$12.00
AUGURY(McGarvey, 1973)MA7940" L
Opens pink and changes to light purple[sold out]
BABY SISTER(McEwen, 1986)HM918" E-M
Dwarf violet-blue with white signal, vigorous$5.00
BANISH MISFORTUNE(Schafer/Sacks, 1999)MW1145" EML
Lobelia blue, veined darker, large yellow signal$6.00
BEESPECKLED(Cole, 2021)32" E wiki
Tet., mottled violet, serrated turquoise style arms rimmed gold[sold out]
BELIEVE IN ANGELS(Helsley, 2009)33" M wiki
White self with bright yellow signal[sold out]
BLUEBERRY BRANDY(Bauer/Coble, 2010)30" M wiki
Ruffled dark blue self$8.00
BLUEBERRY FAIR(Hollingworth, 1996)MW0432" M
Tet., standards light blue violet, style arms broad, short, multi-shaded; falls medium blue violet, veined white signal, ruffled, flared$6.00
BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL(Hollingworth, 2004)31" EM
Deep violet and red-blue mix$8.00
BLACKBERRY JUBILEE(Schafer/Sacks, 1997)36" ML
Dappled red violet, veined darker, small white signal$8.00
BUTTER AND SUGAR(McEwen, 1977)MA81 MW8627" M wiki
Standards white with greenish yellow veins, falls yellow, white styles with yellow midribs$6.00
CAESAR'S BROTHER(Morgan, 1932)MA5336" M
Strong-growing deep blue-violet self$6.00
CAPE COD BOYS(Schafer/Sacks, 2009)MW2127" M wiki
Dappled blue-violet, yellow signal$8.00
CARELESS SALLY(Schafer/Sacks, 1996)MW0326" Mr
Washed reddish violet, heavy veining, ruffled[sold out]
CARNIVALITO(Schafer/Sacks, 2015)28" M wiki
Standards violet; falls cream-yellow with violet wash and veins[sold out]
CHINA SPRING(Bauer/Coble, 1999)34" VE
Tall, medium blue$6.00
CARMEN JEANNE(Helsley, 1996)AM0528" EM
Violet blue, large white signal$8.00
CHARMING BILLY(Schafer/Sacks, 2004)HM07 AM1125" M wiki
Red-violet with blue style arms$8.00
COLORFLASH(Hollingworth, 2012)30" EM wiki
Standards and falls blue-violet, red flash on falls$8.00
CONCORD CRUSH(Bauer/Coble, 2009)HM14 AM1732" M wiki
Dark violet multipetal$8.00
CONTRAST IN STYLES(Hollingworth, 1989)28" M wiki
Falls wine, blue halo, turquoise style arms$8.00
COOL SPRING(Kellogg, 1939)MA6637" M
Light blue with white styles[sold out]
CORONATION ANTHEM(Hollingworth, 1990)MW9732" M
Tet., ruffled medium to deep blue; falls with large creamy yellow blaze aging to white, style arms lighter blue, tinged red$6.00
COUNT THE WAYS(Hollingworth, 2016)38" VE wiki
Mid blue with large white blaze, tet.[sold out]
CRIMSON FIREWORKS(Dunlop, 2014)34" ML wiki
Tet., wine red, blue flash, lighter rim$10.00
DANCING MOOD(Hollingworth, 2013)31" ML wiki
Red-violet with blue flash$8.00
DEAR CURRIER(Dunlop, 2005)30" ML
Tet. Medium blue veined darker, darker edge$8.00
DEWFUL(McGarvey, 1967)MA7040" ML
Blue self, stylearms very light blue$6.00
Very dark purple overlaid with velvety black sheen$10.00
Tall light lavender$8.00
DRINK YOUR TEA(Schafer/Sacks, 2014)31" EM wiki
Standards apricot; falls orange-cocoa$12.00
DROPS OF BRANDY(Schafer/Sacks, 1988)27" ML
Falls washed medium blue, paler edge$10.00
ECHO THE WIND(Schafer/Sacks, 1999)31" EM
Blue violet over yellow base, yellow petal rim$8.00
EDGE OF TOMORROW(Dunlop, 2015)30" ML wiki
Ruffled blue-violet with fine yellow rim$10.00
EGO(McGarvey, 1966)MA7232" ML
Blue self with white blaze and haft pattern[sold out]
EMILY ANNE(Hollingworth, 1999)HM0533" E
Tet. Standards violet. Falls cream with dashed purple edge$8.00
ENCORE PERFORMANCE(Hollingworth, 2010)37" MLr
Red violet$8.00
EVENING COMES(Schafer/Sacks, 2014)26" M wiki
Lavender pink, yellow on styles and signal$10.00
EVER AGAIN(McEwen, 1992)34" E,Re wiki
Dark violet blue, white wire edge$8.00
FEEL THE LOVE(Helsley, 2007)28" M wiki
Ruffled white$8.00
FIRST FROST(Bauer/Coble, 2013)36" VE wiki
White self, yellow signal$6.00
FOND KISS(Schafer/Sacks, 1999)MW0833" M
White with lavender pink central flush$6.00
FROSTED CRANBERRY(A.M. Miller, 1991)MW9832" M-L
Standards red violet, aqua veins; falls darker, greenish hafts and signal, spathes red[sold out]
FROSTY RIM(Bush, 1979)37" ML wiki
Dark blue, falls have narrow silver edge$6.00
GINGER TWIST(Schafer/Sacks, 2009)MW1630" E wiki
Lavender standards, darker dappling, style arms pale gold with lavender inside yellow edge, falls pinkish-brown gold, speckled; small flowers.$6.00
GLOWING REVIEWS(Hollingworth, 2019)30" M
Ruffled rose violet, bluish center[sold out]
GOLDEN EDGE(McEwen, 1992)30" EM
Dark velvety violet with yellow wire edge, tet.$6.00
GRACEFUL GHOST(Hollingworth, 2006)34" M-L
Very light blue self$10.00
GRACE AND GLORY(Helsley, r. 2011)32" ML wiki
Standards light violet, red violet veins; falls medium violet$6.00
Tet. Very ruffled dark blue, white signal$8.00
GULL'S WING(McGarvey, 1991)36" L
Pure white self$6.00
HAIL TO THE CHIEF(Hollingworth, 2012)33" EM
Ruffled red violet, large cream signal$10.00
HAVING FUN(Bauer/Coble, 2005)30" M
Multipetaled rose violet with lighter edges$8.00
HELLO YELLOW(Hollingworth, 1999)33" M
S. cream, F. yellow$8.00
HIGH STANDARDS(Hollingworth, 1987)HM8944" M
Tall dark purple, white and gold signals, tet.$6.00
HOT HOT HOT(Hollingworth, 2015)35" E wiki
Standards red-violet; falls mid blue purple$8.00
HOW AUDACIOUS(Hollingworth, 2009)AM1534" ML wiki
Tet., Standards red-violet; falls blue violet, large white signal$8.00
IF SWANS WERE BLUE(Hollingworth, 2019)35" ML wiki
Tet., Mid blue with white signal$12.00
IMPERIAL OPAL(Bauer/Coble, 2001)34" M wiki
Multipetal lavender pink, speckled$8.00
IMPRESSION(Schafer/Sacks, 2003)24" M
Pale violet heavily dotted and washed blue violet$10.00
JAUNTY JEWEL(Helsley, 2008)30" M wiki
Medium blue-violet veined darker$8.00
JEWELLED CROWN(Hollingworth, 1987)MW9324" M
Tet. Deep wine red with circular gold blaze$6.00
JIGGLES(Bauer/Coble, 2000)32" EM
Ruffled light blue veined slightly darker$8.00
JOYCE COLE(Cole, 2006)30" M-L
Tet. White self, green veins and green hafts, lightly ruffled$10.00
JUNIPER LEIGH(Schafer/Sacks, 2019)27" M wiki
Yellow, heavily veined and edged red-violet[sold out]
KABOOM(Bauer/Coble, 2000)AM1034" M
Tet. Navy blue with gold and white sunburst blaze$8.00
I. sanguinea'KAMAYAMA'36" EM
Tall rich violet, good landscape plant$8.00
KILAUEA(Smith, 2007)AM1223" M wiki
Dark burgundy, black veins$8.00
KING OF KINGS(Varner, 1983)MW9033" ML wiki
White, some green veining$8.00
LAKE KEUKA(Borglum, 1994)MW0231" M
Ruffled light blue edged lighter$6.00
LAUGH OUT LOUD(Hollingworth, 2007)28" ML wiki
Yellow, lighter standards$6.00
LEE'S BLUE(Bauer/Coble, 1994)30" M
Medium light blue ground veined darker blue$8.00
LEMON BLUSH(Hollingworth, 2008)37" L
Standards white, falls pale yellow fading to ivory$10.00
LEMON MOUSSE(Hollingworth, 2012)29" EM wiki
Floriferous ruffled white and yellow$6.00
LEMON QUARTZ(Cole, 2022)30" M wiki
Tetraploid lavender amoena with yellow band and yellow highlighted styles$20.00
LIGHT OF HEART(Hollingworth, 2007)34" ML wiki
Pale blue-violet bitone, beautiful blue in the center$6.00
LOVE ALWAYS(Helsley, 2009)32" M wiki
Ruffled lavender-blue veined violet$8.00
MABEL CODAY(Helsley, 1985)MW9130" EM
Ruffled medium blue, white signal, lighter styles$6.00
MIDNIGHT TIDE(Lockatell, 2021)30" EM wiki
Tet., dark red-wine purple, white signal and white rim$15.00
MISS APPLE(Schafer/Sacks, 2009)MW1830" M
Small-flowered red with warm yellow signal$12.00
MISS PORTLAND(Dunlop, 2006)30" M wiki
Tet., ruffled mid blue with fine white wire edge$8.00
MOONLIGHT FAIR(Hollingworth, 2011)33" M
Tet. Ruffled yellow fading to ivory cream[sold out]
MY GIRL EMILY(Cole, 2008)AM2132" M-L
Standards pink/lavendar, falls light blue, red edge, ruffled$10.00
NEPTUNE'S GOLD(Hollingworth, 2014)MW2133" EM wiki
Tet., standards light blue; falls mid dark blue, lighter rim$8.00
NOTHING BUT THE BLUES(Hollingworth, 2008)HM1130" EM wiki
Medium to dark blue style arms, light blue[sold out]
OVER IN GLORYLAND(Hollingworth, 1993)MW0034" M
Large, round, ruffled deep blue-purple, gold blaze, tet.$6.00
PAPRIKASH(Schafer/Sacks, 2012)MW1920" M wiki
Standards light ground dappled red-violet; falls apricot red$8.00
PENNYWHISTLE(Schafer/Sacks, 2000)34" EM
Blue-violet, darker veining, large gold signal$8.00
PERCHERON(Warburton, 1982)35" M wiki
Heavily ruffled purple violet, veined and dappled$8.00
PETALICIOUS(Hollingworth, 2018)30" L wiki
Multi-petal ruffled light blue$8.00
PETITE PURPLE(Hollingworth, 2012)25" ML wiki
Ruffled deep dark blue-purple$8.00
PINK HAZE(McGarvey, 1980)MA84 MW8838" M
PIXIE PREVIEW(Hollingworth, 2003)21" M wiki
Beautiful short round, ruffled light blue$8.00
PLUM FROLIC(Schafer/Sacks, 2001)27" M
Light blue ground, heavy red violet veining and dappling, ruffled[sold out]
PURPLE SAND(Miller, 1991)34" M wiki
Light violet veined and speckled darker$8.00
REEDA JO(Helsley, 2008)24" M wiki
Ruffled rose-wine with neon blue spot$8.00
Many bloom stalks on tidy compact plants. Slightly ruffled violet blue self with somewhat open standards and a prominent veined white signal. Slight fragrance.$10.00
RIVERDANCE(Schafer/Sacks, 1997)MW0642" M wiki
Cornflower blue with white wire edges, white signal yellow in center, rolled ruffling[sold out]
ROANOKE'S CHOICE(McGarvey, 1976)32" EM
Pleasing pinkish lavender with brown hafts$6.00
ROARING JELLY(Schafer/Sacks, 1992)MW9936" M wiki
Standards and style arms lavender grey with diffused red purple veining; falls shaded and dappled, signal white with dark veining and dark blue flush$6.00
ROLLING CLOUD(Schafer/Sacks, 2000)29" E wiki
White, yellow signal$8.00
RUBY PEACOCK(Cole, 2021)32" L wiki
Tet., ruffled deep rose wine with blue wash around white signal, turquoise and lavender style arms$15.00
RUFFLED VELVET(McEwen, 1973)MA8022" M-L
Standards velvety reddish purple, falls darker, ruffled$6.00
RUFFLES AND FLOURISHES(Hollingworth, 2002)MW0933" M-L wiki
Tet., ruffled red violet, falls with white wire rim, gold signal with blue halo$6.00
SALAMANDER CROSSING(Schafer/Sacks, 1999)AM0642" EML wiki
Pale yellow speckled lavender[sold out]
SEA STAR(Warner, 2004)30" M
Tet. Ruffled medium blue with thin white rim$8.00
SHAKER'S PRAYER(Warner, 1990)MW9633" E-L
Small tricolor veined purple, flowers well above foliage$6.00
SHALL WE DANCE(Hollingworth, 1992)31" L
Ruffled medium light blue violet, veined deeper$8.00
SHIPS ARE SAILING(Schaefer/Sacks, 1998)MW0735" M
Lightly ruffled bluebird blue, deeper veining$6.00
SILVER EDGE(McEwen, 1974)MA7828" M wiki
Medium blue with distinct silver edge$6.00
SIMPLY BRILLIANT(Hollingworth, 2017)31" M wiki
Standards lavender, falls pink with orange shading[sold out]
STAR LION(Smith, 2006)HM1029" EML wiki
Blend of light lavender, red-violet, and purple[sold out]
STEP LIGHTLY(Schafer/Sacks, 2017)31" M wiki
Standards cream; falls light peach, darker peach veining$10.00
STEVE VARNER(Briscoe, 1978)MA82 MW8729" M
Lavender, bright light blue stylearms[sold out]
STRAWBERRY FAIR(Hollingworth, 1994)MW0129" L
Tet., heavily ruffled crushed strawberry pink, small white signal, style arms light blue$8.00
SUGAR SPRITE(Schafer/Sacks, 2015)15" M wiki
Cute short white self, green veins/td>[sold out]
SULTAN'S RUBY(Hollingworth, 1988)MW9429" M
Standards deep magenta, lighter feathered style arms; falls velvety deep magenta, prominent round gold signal, ruffled$8.00
SUNFISHER(Schafer/Sacks, 2003)28" EM
Deep yellow$8.00
SWANK(Hager, 1969)MA7332" M
Deep blue self, little signal$6.00
SWANS IN FLIGHT(Hollingworth, 2006)MW1333" L-VL
White self, very large flowers$8.00
SYLVIA'S LOVE(Borglum, 2007)23" M wiki
S. pale blue white, F. white with pale blue veining[sold out]/td>
TEALWOOD(Varner, 1961)MA6427" M wiki
Blue-purple self, flat form[sold out]
THAT'S MY BABY(Hollingworth, 1995)21" M
Ruffled deep red-violet, small flower[sold out]
TOO CUTE(Schafer/Sacks, 2016)13" ML wiki
Standards pale blue; falls mid blue[sold out]
TOPAZ RUFFLES(Cole, 2022)31" M wiki
Tetraploid heavily ruffled blue, white style arms and starburst signal$20.00
TRANQUILITY BASE(Dunlop, 2006)32" M wiki
Ruffled deep violet, aqua highlights$8.00
TREE OF SONGS(Schafer/Sacks, 2006)MW1431" M wiki
Yellow, slightly lighter yellow standards[sold out]
TRIM THE VELVET(Schafer/Sacks, 1995)40" M
Rich blue purple, white wire rim$8.00
TROPIC NIGHT(Morgan 1937)MA5430" L
Very dark velvety blue self$6.00
TUMBLE BUG(Bauer/Coble, 2000)30" M wiki
12-petal dark rose-wine with white/yellow signal pattern[sold out]
TUTU BLUE(Hollingworth, 2016)30" M wiki
Ruffled, round clear mid-blue$10.00
TWELFTH KNIGHT(Warner, 2002)32" EM
Tet. Deep purple with blue wash, large white signal$8.00
VELVET PRISM(Warner, 2002)29" M
Tet. Deep blue violet, bright blue halo, thin white edge$8.00
VERY VICTORIAN(Hollingworth, 1999)32" EM
Ruffled medium mauve veined blue$8.00
VI LUIHN(DuBose, 1974)MA7734" ML wiki
Deep violet self, pale yellow signal$6.00
WHERE EAGLES DARE(Helsley, 1995)MW0541" M
Dark blue violet; large white spot on reverse$6.00
WHITE SWIRL(Cassebeer, 1957)MA6240" L
Pure white self[sold out]
WISH ME LUCK(Schafer/Sacks, 2015)26" EM wiki
Standards light yellow; falls yellow with buff wash$8.00
WYNNE MAGNOLIA(Schafer/Sacks, 2015)26" EM wiki
Standards cream; falls yellow with pink-violet wash$8.00